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Wenger: ‘It is a luxury to have Henry’

Dear Arsenal supporter,

Thierry Henry’s late winner made the headlines at Sunderland and you have to say he finished a legend’s story on his final day in the Premier League.

Thierry secured us the three points in a difficult game where Sunderland were resilient, well-organised and tried to catch us on the break every time. You could see that they have a lot of spirit in their side.

We also had to deal with a difficult pitch and, although we had a lot of the ball, we couldn’t create a lot because Sunderland made it hard to get through their defence.

In the end though we were spirited, intelligent, patient and resilient and we had to be all those things to get the three points after going 1-0 down.

The Sunderland goal was a double blow because we lost Per Mertesacker to an injury as well. Per told me that he felt a pain in his ankle and couldn’t move at all.

He went home on crutches and appears to have done some ligament damage, but how bad that is we don’t yet know. He will certainly miss the Milan first leg.

Some will feel that play should have stopped when Per went down but you cannot demand that. You do not know if a guy has gone down through injury or because he has slipped.

Fortunately we turned the game around and Thierry’s contribution at the end shows you once more that these players never lose it. Exceptional talent survives. You have that with Giggs and Scholes at Manchester United and Thierry here. It is just a luxury to have a player like him on the bench.

We are back in fourth place even though two weeks ago everybody said it was out of reach for us.

We have to be cautious but we are happy to be back in this position. It is still very open for everybody around there. You have Newcastle, Chelsea, Liverpool and us and it’s down to consistency now.

Thanks for your support.

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Arsène Wenger

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